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Four Ways to Support Your Digestive Health This Christmas

Four Ways to Support Your Digestive Health This Christmas

Four Ways to Support Your Digestive Health This Christmas

Christmas can be a challenge for your gut health. There’s nothing wrong with rich food, or late nights, or alcohol. In moderation. But the Christmas period can be like an assault course for your digestive system.

First, you have to tackle the office Christmas party, with all the drinking involved. Then before you can catch your breath it’s into an evening of mulled wine and mince pies with friends, leading gently into the big day itself with plates piled high with meat, stuffing, and gravy -  and probably more Baileys than doctors would advise.

Boxing Day picking over leftovers, before things ramp up again for more food, more drink and more revelry on New Year’s Eve. It’s no wonder we all wake up on January 1st resolving to look after our guts a little more.

But help is at hand. We have four things that can help support your digestive health this festive season.

1: Apple cider vinegar

Apples aren’t usually what we think of when we’re asked about digestive help in the winter. We’re more likely to think of mulled ciders and apple pies with lashings of custard or cream. Not exactly the epitome of healthy eating.

But apple cider vinegar is a probiotic that can boost your digestion and support your gut health. Especially when it’s in an easy-to-take capsule and not its mouth-puckering liquid form.

Natural health experts have been talking about the benefits of “ACV” for years. Maybe it’s the right time for you to try it out?

2: Digestive enzymes

Your stomach is one tough cookie. It’s made of strong muscles and filled with powerful acids to break down even the least appealing festive supermarket sandwich. But if you’re going to fill your stomach with cranberry sauce and dry turkey every lunchtime until Christmas Eve, you need to give it the right tools to work with.

And that means enzymes. Things like Protease, Amylase and Lipase that will help your stomach break down all of that festive food. Our digestive enzyme complex is packed with all of this and more, giving your stomach everything it needs to breeze through that late December mince pie eating contest.

3: The right spices

It’s a fact that certain spices aid digestion. Some are packed with anti-inflammatories, others with antioxidants, both of which are compounds that can support the way your body digests and breaks down food.

So if the sort of spices you’re thinking about this Christmas are only used to flavour mulled wine or festive biscuits, you’re missing a trick. Instead, make sure you’re getting a daily boost of spicy support from our vegan-friendly turmeric supplement with ginger and black pepper.

Packed with botanical compounds, this daily supplement will give your stomach and your whole digestive system a little extra support.

4: Better bacteria

Finally, make sure that your gut biome is balanced. Overeating and especially over-drinking can disrupt the balance of microflora and bacteria in your digestive system and kill off those little cultures that you need to feel your best.

So unless you’re prepared to replace that third shot of Baileys with a shot of probiotic yoghurt, you need a supplement to help. Our Lactobacillus Acidophilus probiotic supplement will boost your gut with friendly bacteria, keeping everything balanced and healthy from now until New Year.

Or, one simple way…

Not sure which to pick? Why not give your digestive system all of the support it needs this festive season with our full bundle for gut health. 

For just £20, you’ll support your stomach with all four of our recommended digestion supplements for six whole months - and you can save 9% when you subscribe today!

So if you’re prepping seriously for the season of over-indulgence, invest in your gut health by picking up our Digestion Support Bundle.