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Can Your Kids Get All Their Vitamins from a Gummy?

Can Your Kids Get All Their Vitamins from a Gummy?

Can Your Kids Get All Their Vitamins from a Gummy?

Growing kids need the right nutrition. That’s a fact. They need lots of lovely nutrients, vitamins and minerals to make sure they grow up happy and healthy. But there’s a little drawback to kids and vitamins.

Most children - and maybe you’re a lucky parent who this doesn’t apply to - don’t want to eat loads and loads of vitamin-rich foods. Hand a five year old a plate of beef liver, bell peppers and steamed kale, and no amount of explaining how much they need Vitamin B12 and iodine will stop them asking - loudly and often - for chicken nuggets, chips and beans.

But keeping your little ones healthy doesn’t need to be a battle. They can still tuck into their turkey dinosaurs and potato waffles and get all the vitamins they need. Just give them a daily supplement in the form of our strawberry and raspberry flavoured kids’ multivitamin gummies

Here’s what’s packed into each sweetie-shaped multivitamin:

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of those vitamins it’s quite easy to get. If you have a sophisticated palate. Things like fresh salmon, mushrooms, hard cheeses and sardines are absolutely packed with B12. But those aren’t exactly items you’ll be putting into your child’s lunchbox on a daily basis.

And Vitamin B12 is crucial for kids’ development. It’s used by the body to make new cells, and growing bodies need to make a lot of new cells. It also boosts the function of a child’s immune system - and every parent will know just how susceptible kids are to sniffles, colds and winter coughs.

That’s why our gummies are full of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin C

The UK government recommends that all children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years are given a daily Vitamin C supplement. That’s because it’s one of the most important vitamins a growing child can have.

Yes, you could fill your child with orange juice (if you can find a brand not packed with added sugar), and you still need to make sure they get a wide range of fruit and vegetables every single day, but the added Vitamin C in our supplements mean you can rest easy knowing their immune systems are supported, and that their bones and teeth will also be as healthy as possible.

Vitamin D

Just like grown-ups, kids need Vitamin D every single day. And just like with adults, children are more at risk of Vitamin D deficiency than any other kind of vitamin deficiency. Which isn’t good news, as it leaves them at risk of bone and muscle injuries, lower strength, and even rickets.

And Vitamin D is a difficult thing to get enough of. We absorb it from sunlight, which is in short supply between September and March. Especially if you’re spending the short hours of sunshine indoors learning Maths or French.

That’s why it’s important to make sure any vitamin supplement your children take is packed with Vitamin D. Just like our daily multivitamin gummies are.


While Vitamin C and D steal the headlines, iodine is often overlooked. But it’s an essential nutrient for growth, development and good health. And you want your children to grow, to develop, and to be healthy. Unfortunately, iodine’s found mainly in things like prawns, oily fish and seaweed - not really things that appear on many kids’ menus. So we made sure to pack our daily children’s multivitamin with all the iodine they need to develop healthily.

If you want a simpler way to keep your kids healthy with all the most important vitamins, our kids’ multivitamin gummies are only £5 for a two months’ supply. Pick yours up today.