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Which Vitamins Should You Take On Holiday?

Which Vitamins Should You Take On Holiday?

Which Vitamins Should You Take On Holiday?

We’ve all done the little dance before we get into the taxi to the airport. Patting our pockets, checking the luggage, listing the items we can’t afford to leave behind - passport, plane tickets, money, vitamins…

Vitamins? Should that be on the list? It certainly should. When you jet away on that well-deserved break, make sure you’ve put your supplements in your suitcase, along with the travel plug adaptors, mozzie spray and swimming costume. Because travel can be tough on your body, and you need that extra help. Read on, and discover exactly which vitamins you should take on holiday.

Protect your gut and improve your digestion

Whether it’s tapas in a Spanish taverna, mezze in a Greek seafront saloon, or just plate after plate of all you can eat breakfast in your all-inclusive hotel, one of the best things about a holiday is all that lovely food. But digestion can be an issue for travellers. Unfamiliar food, unusual ingredients, and issues with the local water can leave you feeling a little bloated, a little sluggish - not ideal when you’ve got a boat trip planned for tomorrow morning. So give your gut a little boost.

A digestive enzyme complex helps you break down all the fats, carbs and proteins you’ll take on board during your trip, while a lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic will keep your gut flora healthy even if delays at the airport leave you stressed and tired.

Protect your skin

We all love getting a bit of a tan while we’re away. Nothing beats the look of jealousy when we swan into the office, bronzed and relaxed, while our co-workers mutter “you’ve caught the sun” through gritted teeth. But tanned skin is also damaged skin, and you need to protect yourself.

That means doing the right things - wearing a high enough factor of suncream, heading for cover during the hottest parts of the day, drinking enough water - but the right supplements can help too. Our skin, hair and nails complex can fit nicely into your suitcase and will give your skin a little boost, even as the sun does its thing for your complexion.

Have the energy to enjoy yourself

Imagine spending all that money, sitting on a plane for hours, sitting on a coach to your hotel for an hour or so more, and then wasting the first few days of that break you’ve been looking forward to oh so much because you’re too tired. Don’t let it happen. Take a daily multivitamin on holiday with you, and make sure you’re energised and ready to face the day. No matter whether you’re hitting the beach for some watersports fun, wandering the local shops and markets, or hiking the scenic trails of your picturesque destination.

You could even use all that energy to skip down to the poolside and laze around all day, maybe with a cocktail. Order something exciting off the menu because your gut health is protected, and catch a few rays safe in the knowledge your SPF is looking after your skin, with some support for your skin and hair health from the inside.

Go on. You’ve earned it.

Have a great trip!