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Time to Spring Clean Your Wellness Habits?

Time to Spring Clean Your Wellness Habits?

Time to Spring Clean Your Wellness Habits?

Spring is here! The evenings are getting lighter, we can’t help but all feel a little bit brighter, and everyone is starting to dust themselves off after the long, cold winter months. But while you’re spring cleaning your house, why don’t you take the opportunity to clear out the clutter from your wellness habits and focus on what really works?

Your wellness regime is unique to you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be inspired by what works for almost everyone. Let’s get back to basics and look at the wellness habits you should dust down and give some attention to this spring.

One: Get some sleep!

It’s the building block of every single wellness regime. Want to lose weight? You need to sleep. Want to feel less stressed? Sleep. Reduce feelings of anxiety, be more productive, feel happier in yourself? Sleep, sleep, sleep!

None of us get enough sleep. Even if we go to bed early, we sit up tapping on screens and wondering why we can’t fall asleep. So take sleep seriously. Set a routine and stick to it.

And remember, you can support your new sleeping regime with our specially formulated Night time gummies. They’re designed to help you drift off.

Two: Get out there!

You know why we don’t feel great over winter? It’s because we’re all cooped up, all the time. Inside, hiding from the sleet and the snow and the rain, with artificial light and dry, heated air, and other people’s germs. Eugh. It’s a recipe for feeling “meh.”

So get outside! Pick out a pair of walking boots and go for a wander. Get some fresh air in your lungs, and some sunshine on your skin (although in the UK, the sunshine we get in spring isn’t strong enough to mean you can ditch the Vitamin D supplements!). Exercising outdoors is good for your physical health and it’s great for your mental health too.

But it can be taxing, especially if you’re not used to it - or you’re not as energetic as you used to be. Managing your energy levels with the right supplement, say twice daily Charge up gummies, can be key to helping you get outside and get active.

Three: Get enough relaxation!

Wellness and fitness aren’t about spending every waking moment feeling the burn, or focusing on self-improvement. Spring cleaning your wellness habits means cutting out a few things that will put you on the road to burnout and replacing them with a little bit of relaxation.

Going to the gym three days a week all year and having four rest days is better than hitting it hard for seven days before stopping. So build in relaxation time to your wellness plan, and just like that sleep routine, make sure you stick to it!

A supplement like a calming Ashwagandha gummy can help you to relax and switch off, and you should always remember the benefits of a power nap or a long soak in the bath!

Four: Get your essentials!

Finally, go through all those expensive vitamin supplements in your cabinet and replace them with the affordable essentials. As we’ve explained before, the difference between expensive and cheap vitamins usually comes down to the label, so you’d be better served by saving your money with our range of affordable supplements!

Start off by focusing on the essentials - Vitamin D is crucial, as is Vitamin C -  then focus on any supplements that support your lifestyle or any existing conditions. Wellness and wellbeing is for everyone, especially if you’re Over 50, pregnant (or trying to conceive) or vegetarian or vegan.

No matter who you are, there’s no better time to focus on your wellness. So arrange a spring clean of your habits, and focus on getting your sleep, getting outside, getting enough relaxation and getting your essential vitamins and minerals.

That’ll really put a spring in your step!