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How You Helped Raise £1,548.56 For Rain Rescue

How You Helped Raise £1,548.56 For Rain Rescue

How You Helped Raise £1,548.56 For Rain Rescue

We’re passionate about supporting causes that matter. Working with amazing organisations helps us to raise awareness for their mission, and we were delighted to have Rain Rescue (Rescuing Animals In Need) as our latest charity partner. 

Who Are Rain Rescue?

Rain Rescue was founded in 2002 to provide space, support and sanctuary to animals in crisis across South Yorkshire, making sure they receive the best care whilst waiting to find their forever home. Rescuing hundreds of animals each year, their mission is to see no dog or cat abandoned, mistreated or neglected in the local area.

With spacious kennels, dedicated cattery rooms – and the addition of their new secure patio space for the cats, affectionately named The Catio – there’s also great outdoor space for animals to exercise, play, or even conquer the agility course. Recent expansion also means that Rain Rescue will now be able to provide veterinary care on-site, giving them an easily accessible base for medical treatments.

How Your Donations Will Help

Thanks to the donations of our fantastic Sealions customers, a total of £1,548.56 was raised for Rain Rescue! We are so grateful for your generous support and know that it will make a difference in helping pets in crisis. We also gifted a selection of our supplements for dogs to help keep them happy and healthy during their time at the rescue centre, plus some of our Sealions tennis balls for playtime – which Reggie, Kyp and Mya have been enjoying!


Small donations can make a big impact on the lives of these cats and dogs when they need it most. Here are just a few of the ways the animals at Rain Rescue will benefit from the money raised:

  • A night of care for one cat and dog - £5
  • A 'Toy & Treat' kit for a centre dog - £5
  • Giant feathers for cats' playtime - £5
  • A large bag of cat litter - £10
  • Flea and worm treatment for a centre dog - £10
  • A night of care for two cats and two dogs - £10
  • Deluxe scratching post for a centre cat - £20
  • Raised dog beds - £60

How Can We Continue to Help?

If you would like to learn more about Rain Rescue, make a donation from their wishlist, or are interested in adopting a new furry friend, you can visit them at www.rainrescue.co.uk.