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Refreshing and Easy 2-Ingredient Mixed Berry Ice Lollies

Refreshing and Easy 2-Ingredient Mixed Berry Ice Lollies

Refreshing and Easy 2-Ingredient Mixed Berry Ice Lollies

Looking for a cool and refreshing treat that also gives you a caffeine kick? These Sealions Fat Metaboliser Mixed Berry Ice Lollies are not only delicious but also easy to make. With just two steps and a few simple ingredients, you’ll have a tasty snack ready to go. Perfect for those hot days that are now upon us.


  • Sealions Fat Metaboliser
  • Mixed berries of your choice (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.)

Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients

Here’s what you need:

  • Mix the Sealions Fat Metaboliser: Follow the instructions on the Sealions Fat Metaboliser (Add 1 scoop (15g) of powder to 150-200ml of cold water)
  • Cut Up the Berries: Wash and cut your mixed berries into small pieces.

Step 2: Assemble and Freeze

Fill the Moulds: Pour the prepared Sealions Fat Metaboliser mixture into ice lolly moulds, filling them about halfway.    

Add Berries: Drop the cut-up berries into each mould, then top off with more Sealions Fat Metaboliser mixture if needed.    

Freeze: Pop the moulds into the freezer and let them freeze completely, usually about 4-6 hours or overnight.

Step 3: Enjoy

Once frozen, remove your ice lollies from the moulds and enjoy this refreshing and healthy treat!

Tips and Variations     

Berry Variations: Try different combinations of berries or add other fruits like kiwi or mango for a unique twist.    

Sweeten It Up: If you prefer a sweeter treat, mix in a little honey or agave syrup with the Sealions Fat Metaboliser before pouring it into the moulds.

Layering Fun: For a fun look, layer the berries and Sealions Fat Metaboliser mixture for a striped effect.

Why Choose Sealions Fat Metaboliser? 

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