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How We're Supporting Rain Rescue - Rescuing Animals In Need

How We're Supporting Rain Rescue - Rescuing Animals In Need

How We're Supporting Rain Rescue - Rescuing Animals In Need

Here at Sealions, we have a mission. Well family, well world, well priced. Our products are always created with you and your family in mind, keeping you healthy, with consistently affordable prices.

When it comes to the middle of our mission – well world – we do our bit with our compostable packaging. But we want to help make even more of a difference. That’s why we buddy up with different charities, supporting them in their missions too.

Who We’re Supporting

Our new charity partner is Rain Rescue. They are a charity dedicated to helping pets in crisis, providing cats and dogs with nowhere else to turn with a safe space. Their vision is to see no dog or cat abandoned, mistreated, or neglected.

The rescue centre gives these animals space, care and support to recover, thrive, and ultimately find their forever home.

Founded in 2002, they are proudly celebrating an amazing 20 years of Rescuing Animals in Need this year. And what better time to raise awareness for their cause?

How We Can Help

We want to help Rain Rescue continue to help as many at-risk pets as they can. So we’re shining the spotlight on their amazing work, and bringing awareness to their life-saving projects.

As you may know, we also give you the option to chip in. Every time you shop online with Sealions, you’ll see an option at checkout to gift a small donation to Rain Rescue, giving you a simple way to help support their cause.


You can find out more about Rain Rescue and how they are continuing to help animals in need here.