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How Can You Increase Greens In Your Diet?

How Can You Increase Greens In Your Diet?

How Can You Increase Greens In Your Diet?

As a very wise frog once sang, it’s not easy being green. It’s not easy, but it is important. Green energy, green habits, and of course a green diet. And while we’re doing our bit making waves for Mother Earth and a cleaner, greener world, what we’re focused on today is getting leafy greens into your diet.

Is getting enough greens really a matter of cramming kale into everything you eat? Or are there tricks to ensure all that green goodness goes down a treat.

Let’s find out.

The importance of greens in your diet

There’s more to your humble leafy green vegetable than meets the eye. Spinach, cabbage, kale - even the humble lettuce - they’re all packed with absolutely vital vitamins and minerals. And that’s not all, low in calories, high in fibre, and rich in antioxidants, green vegetables are linked to reduced risks of obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.

But for even the most committed vegan, a green leaf salad isn’t quite enough to get the pulse racing. If you want to increase the greens in your diet, there are definitely a few tricks to try out.

And all without a salad in sight.

Three quick tips to get your greens

One: Ditch the cheese n’ onion

We all love a crunchy, salty, savoury potato crisp. Cheese n’ onion, salt n’ vinegar, even ready salted all have their place in our hearts. But they’re deep fried, oily and beige.

If you want a green alternative, kale crisps up nicely in an oven or air fryer with the smallest drop of oil - and you can season them any way you’d like.

Two: Drink your veggies

It’s simple. Throw in a handful of spinach into your morning smoothie, and start the day right. Combine with raspberries or blackberries, and you’ll never even taste the leafy addition.

And you can even create your own green juices - combine lettuce, kale, celery and a fruit like apple or pear, and you’ve created your very own green super drink.

Three: Get saucy

Whipping up a batch of pasta sauce? Mix in some chopped greens. Making a delicious pesto? Sneak some spinach in with the basil. Even a rich cheese or béchamel sauce can be improved with some finely chopped greens. Just see where your imagination takes you!

Green goodness in a supplement?

If you’ve not got time to experiment in the kitchen, you can definitely add some of that green goodness to your diet with the right supplements.

Green tea extract is jam-packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in a far more concentrated form than your daily cuppa. And there’s no need to add a drop of honey to these one-a-day capsules.

If you want to add the minerals from leafy greens to your diet, our Spirulina supplement is made from a superfood of the future - a type of blue/green algae that’s choc-full of B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium and selenium.

Then of course there’s the all-natural goodness of sea kelp supplements, which save you from having to blend seaweed into your smoothies by offering you all the iodine, calcium and Vitamin C of the plant in a one-a-day supplement form.

Maybe that singing frog was wrong after all. With Sealions’ range of green botanical supplements from just £4, maybe it’s actually very easy being green!