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Can Supplements Help Your Dog’s Health?

Can Supplements Help Your Dog’s Health?

Can Supplements Help Your Dog’s Health?

You’ve heard about our mission? To help you and your family feel happier and healthier. That means your whole family. Granny and grandad, parents, partners and kids too.

And your dog.

Because if we’re honest, that faithful four-legged friend is definitely a part of the family, and a very important one too. That’s why you spend so much time walking them, feeding them, grooming them and playing with them.

It’s why you should start thinking about supplements for them too.

Because just like the right supplement can boost your health and happiness, they can do the same for your dog.

Dogs can really benefit from the right supplements

Think about why you take supplements for a moment. Maybe you want the right vitamins to protect your skin and hair from everyday wear and tear. Perhaps what you really need is something to soothe those aching joints. Or maybe you want to give your immune system a little boost.

All of those things apply to your dog. You want lustrous hair, they want a shiny coat. Your two legs ache after a walk? The poor pup’s got four legs to worry about! And dogs can get sick too if their immune system isn’t protected and helped.

The good thing is, your dog’s got a head start on most people when it comes to health. Your labrador doesn’t spend hours sitting in an office chair, your cockapoo has never ordered a late-night takeaway, and not even beagles still smoke in 2022.

Five regular supplements to help your furry friend

You’re a good pet owner. Your dog gets regular exercise, the right food and enough water. They might even be healthier than you are as a result!

But giving them a daily supplement can help boost their health even further.

Pet Digestion Support - Wet and dry dog food, and the odd treat. On paper, your dog’s digestion should be getting plenty of what it needs. But we all know that dogs are experts at sniffing out and scarfing down things they shouldn’t eat. By boosting their gut health, you’ll help them digest everything they eat and feel happier as a result.

Pet Joint & Movement Support - Your dog gets twice as much wear and tear on her joints as you do, because you’re only wandering around on two legs. Dogs love exploring the world, smelling new smells and chasing around. Sore joints can take that pleasure away from them, leading to a seriously unhappy pooch. Supporting their joints with the right supplements will keep them trotting along, tail-a-wagging, without a care in the world.

Pet Skin, Coat and Nails Tablets - Your pet’s coat is a huge indicator of his general health. A glossy coat equals a healthy dog. A dull coat, itchy skin and cracked nails is a sign that something’s not quite right with your pooch. So give them a hand with a supplement that’ll improve their overall health and keep that fur shiny and bright.

Soothe & Calm Tablets - Even confident, well-looked after dogs can get a little stressed. Late night traffic, changes to her routine, a visit from that dastardly postman - all of these things can rile up your dog, leading to barking and general havoc. So help your pet chill out a little with special calming supplements to keep them cool and calm.

Pet Multivitamins - All of those vitamins and minerals you need for a happier, healthier life? Your dog needs them in his life too. All mammals need a variety of vitamins from A to K, along with things like iron to help their heart health. But your dog needs vitamins in a different dosage to you. That’s why we’ve created a pet multivitamin specially balanced to their needs - for a happier, healthier dog.

Look after the furriest member of your family. Choose the right supplements for your dog, and help them live a happier, healthier life.