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Georgie Swallow

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Georgie Swallow:
A Story of Triumph, Menopause, and Resilience

Meet Georgie Swallows, a remarkable woman who has triumphed over adversity not once but twice. Georgie is not just a blood cancer survivor; she's a stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor who's on a mission to inspire, educate, and uplift others through her incredible journey.

A Survivor's Story

In September 2018, Georgie faced her first battle with cancer, a diagnosis that would change her life forever. Just months later, in June 2019, lightning struck twice as she received her second diagnosis. Despite the immense challenges that lay ahead, Georgie's spirit remained unbroken.

A Beacon of Hope

When Georgie received her diagnosis, she made a powerful choice - to use her journey to make a difference. Her mission began with a heartfelt commitment to The Royal Marsden, the hospital where she received her life-saving treatment. Georgie decided to fundraise uniquely and unforgettably: she allowed donors to choose the fancy dress outfits she wore to her chemotherapy appointments.Raising awareness, Georgie's impact extended far beyond her chemo appointments. The Royal Marsden recognised her passion and invited her to take over their social media pages to raise awareness about Hodgkin's Lymphoma and shed light on the hospital's vital work. Simultaneously, Georgie launched her blog, "Scribbles of a Swallow," where she shared her raw and honest experiences. She attended charity events and workshops, becoming a driving force in the fight against cancer.

Navigating Menopause

Georgie is actively going through menopause now. Certain things like having kids or feeling young, and her joints being affected by this natural phase, made her start to dislike her body again. But she realised that every day is a choice to work with her body and be kind to it for all it does for her. She started saying yes to wearing a swimsuit and adopting a "fake it til you make it" attitude."I'm not navigating menopause well; there's nothing (information) out there," she admits. It feels like a minefield, a taboo subject. Georgie wonders if it's because the people on social media aren't going through it yet.

Beyond Hot Flushes

Georgie thought menopause meant just hot flushes, but she quickly realised there's so much more to it. There's hair thinning, joint aches, anxiety, weight distribution changes, and low sex drive. In the space of a year, where her body holds weight has completely changed. There are numerous menopausal symptoms, and Georgie wants to shed light on them.

Open Conversations

Georgie is determined to talk about menopause more openly. She sometimes feels shame about what she's going through because nobody talks about it. It's a big goal of hers to be more open and speak about it more.

Body Confidence Advocate

One of Georgie's most poignant messages revolves around body confidence. Cancer took a toll on her body, initially causing distress. However, Georgie's mindset evolved, and she learned to appreciate her body's resilience and strength. She now champions the idea that life is too short to harbour negativity about one's body.

Georgie's empowering words echo loudly: "I don't like to give cancer the credit for anything, but it was definitely the catalyst for why I'm now confident in my own skin. It has taught me life is too short to be negative about my body; I want to see the beauty in it instead.

"Georgie Swallows' story is one of unwavering strength, resilience, and hope. Her journey from cancer survivor to advocate is nothing short of inspiring.

Join us in celebrating Georgie's remarkable spirit and supporting her mission to make the world a better place, one story at a time. Discover her insights, experiences, and unwavering determination on her website, and be part of her journey toward positivity and change.

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Georgie Swallow