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What do Sealions have to do with supplements?

What do Sealions have to do with supplements?

What do Sealions have to do with supplements?

Sealions is here to help happier, healthier families enjoy a happier, healthier world. We want to make supplements more affordable, and we want to stick up for the environment.

Making a splash in the wellness industry

Do you know how much it’d cost to buy vitamin and mineral supplements for a family of four for a whole year from a health shop or supermarket. We do. It’s a lot. And we don’t think that’s right. So we asked around.

We picked up the phone and called BRCGS-accredited suppliers who make vitamins and supplements. We asked how much it cost to make large amounts of supplements from the best possible ingredients at their GMP certified factories. And then we got our calculators out.

It turns out that if you’re smart. If you’re all about helping people. And if you’re looking in the right places, you can make wellness affordable to everyone. How affordable? How about as low as £5 per year for an essential vitamin supplement?

Making waves for Mother Earth

Do you know what else we noticed when we were looking at supplements? All the plastic. You’ve got plastic pill bottles, plastic blister packs, plastic wrappers. And while one plastic bottle might seem like a drop in the ocean when it comes to pollution, it all adds up.

So we made some noises, looked around, and made some waves. And do you know what?

We found a supplier who specialises in plastic free packaging, and they were more than happy to jump on board with us!

Now we can’t just phone up every supplement seller on Earth and say “Hey! Ditch the plastic!” But we can do our bit for Mother Earth. So as well as keeping our products plastic free, we also do our bit to raise awareness for animal and environmental charities. We make noise for Mother Earth.

So who are Sealions?

By now, you’ll know us a bit better. We’re noisy, clever, inquisitive people who want you to have a happier, healthier family. We keep our prices low so you’ll have more money to spend on good causes. And we do our bit for the environment too. Well family, well world, well priced. That’s who we are. That’s our story. And we hope you make our supplements part of your story too.

Who is Supreme to Sealions?

Sealions is one of the many brands owned and operated by Supreme Imports Limited. Supreme is Europe’s leading supplier, manufacturer and distributor of fast moving consumer goods, with leading brands in wellness, sports nutrition, and everyday household products.

From Monday 1st February, Supreme PLC (the parent company of Supreme Imports Limited) began trading a minority of its shares on AIM, a submarket of the London Stock Exchange under the symbol SUP.

Over the last 8 years Supreme has scaled at a rapid rate, established inhouse manufacturing, developed its own brands, new product development and acquired smaller operations along the way.

This investment from the Stock Exchange will fuel the year on year growth, enabling Supreme to make further inroads into the FMCG industry, whilst offering customers the best value for money across key categories.