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The Positivity of Pets

The Positivity of Pets

The Positivity of Pets

A lot of things have an effect on your wellbeing. Avoiding stress? That’s great. Sleeping enough? Ideal. Drinking enough water is something lots of us overlook too. And then there’s eating right, getting the right nutrients with the help of a daily supplement, looking after your mental health by seeing friends and family.

There’s no one thing you need to do to improve your wellbeing. It’s all about small things adding up. And sometimes, those small things have four legs, a tail, and an instinct for finding the most comfortable seat in the house.

We’re talking about pets. Because it turns out that bringing a dog or cat into your life can be a great boost to your feelings of health and happiness.

Here’s how:

Pets are good for exercise

Admittedly this counts more for dogs than cats - as anyone who’s tried to take a cat for a walk can attest - but a four legged friend is the perfect way to get your steps in, enjoy some fresh air, and take the time to relax.

Whether it’s 20 minutes wandering the local neighbourhood with your terrier, hours spent hiking the hills with an Alsatian, or a five minute mad dash down a canal path because you let the beagle off her lead once and she smelled a duck, dogs need exercise every day. They can’t go alone, and those big, sad eyes are a far better incentive to get your boots on and get out there than even the fiercest personal trainer.

Exercise is good for wellbeing, dogs are good for exercise. It makes perfect sense.

Play is great for stress

It could be throwing a tennis ball around the garden for your pup, having your cat chase around a stuffed mouse on a string, or just a solid grooming session - playing and interacting with your pet is surprisingly good for you.

It’s true. People with pets are happier and healthier than those without. They have lower blood pressure, they’re less likely to be depressed or anxious, and they’re just happier. Because playing with pets is fun, and we just don’t get enough fun in our busy lives.

An emotional bond works wonders

When you scratch your kitten behind his ears, or snuggle with the dog on the couch, your body releases serotonin and dopamine - two calming and relaxing chemicals made by our brain. The same chemicals released when we hug our friends, family members and loved ones.

A pet isn’t just someone to talk to, or to absent-mindedly pat on the head. They’re individuals that we form strong bonds with - soothing us, calming us, and easing loneliness. All things that are great for our wellbeing.

A two way street - helping your pets wellbeing

All of those walks, all of that emotional bonding, all of those cuddles on the couch? They’re great for your furry friend. But just like you need to eat right, sleep well and take your vitamins, your pet needs the right nutrition too. So to thank your four-legged friend for improving your wellbeing, make sure you supplement their diet with the latest additions from Sealions’ range of daily vitamins and minerals for pets.