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The Benefits of Botanicals

The Benefits of Botanicals

The Benefits of Botanicals

Here at Sealions, we believe in the power of plants. We’re crazy about cucumber, mad for mung beans and find fennel fantastic. But that’s just lunch. When it comes to plant power, you need to look past the plate and look at leaves, roots, stems and flowers. The word for all these plant parts is “botanicals,” and they’re the key to many of our most popular supplements.

What is a botanical supplement, and why are they good?

A botanical supplement is any supplement that’s made from compounds you find in plants. These compounds form what many people consider to be nature’s pharmacy, and you’ll find things that do everything from give your immune system a helpful boost, to reduce period cramps and see off headaches.

And because they’re plant-based, all of these botanical compounds are entirely vegan, meaning they can benefit anyone in your family.

So it’s clear that botanicals are jam-packed with all kinds of health-promoting goodness. Now let’s dig a little deeper and look at three amazing botanical supplements that might do you a whole world of good.


Cranberry supplements are made from cranberry extract - perfect for when you don’t have the time (or the desire) to chug down a huge glass of cranberry juice in the morning.

And while the fresh berries have an often tart flavour that some people don’t like, and the cartons of cranberry juice are packed with added sugar, cranberry capsules contain nothing but botanical goodness.

What is that goodness, you ask? Well, first of all, cranberries and cranberry supplements are packed with antioxidants, those friendly compounds that can do everything from reduce signs of aging to boost your immune system. Cranberries contain more of these antioxidants than any other fruit or berry, which is why they’re so popular.

And there’s an added benefit too, especially for women. Cranberry supplements have been shown to reduce the frequency of non-severe urinary tract infection (UTIs) in women, and even prevent them altogether.


When you see the word cinnamon, you’re more likely to think spiced lattes or tasty pastry treats, but the bark of this plant can be used to make cinnamon supplements too.

Cinnamon is also loaded with antioxidants, but this time it’s a very specific kind - polyphenols. And much like cranberry is the most potent berry, cinnamon has more antioxidants than any other spice. Only garlic comes close, and even then cinnamon supplements don’t run the risk of ruining your next kiss!

In fact, cinnamon is also packed with anti-inflammatories that may help lower your risk of illness and aid post-workout recovery, and has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, which helps you regulate your metabolism and energy use.

And a cinnamon tablet might not be as fun as a cinnamon pastry, but getting a daily dose of this super-spice in pill form will help you cut out all the calories, carbs and sugars that you’d eat if you tried to get healthy on an all-pastry diet!

Apple Cider Vinegar

The final botanical we’ll discuss today is apple cider vinegar capsules. Anyone familiar with home remedies will be familiar with the strong taste of a spoonful of apple cider vinegar, and you’ll be happy to learn that these supplements don’t taste anywhere near as pungent.

But that doesn’t mean you're missing out. Apple cider vinegar supplements are still packed with probiotics which support your digestive system and help regulate your stomach. In fact, these little tablets have all the benefits of pure apple cider vinegar. That includes amino acids, antioxidants, and antibacterial compounds too.

There’s a reason so many people swear by apple cider vinegar for everything from treating skin conditions and stomach upsets, to helping with weight loss and lowering blood sugar levels.

So if you want to see why we’re a pro-plant company and embrace the power of botanicals yourself, make sure you take a look at our range of supplements. You’ll be glad that you did!