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How Together We Raised £2165 for Sea Life Trust UK

How Together We Raised £2165 for Sea Life Trust UK

How Together We Raised £2165 for Sea Life Trust UK

Here at Sealions, we want to help to create a happier and healthier world. When we launched, we knew we wanted to buddy up with charities so that we can support causes we really believe in. 

Since 16th July 2021, we have been supporting Sea Life Trust UK in their goal of protecting the world’s oceans and its amazing marine life – their vision is to create a world where our oceans are healthy, properly protected and full of diverse life. They are passionate about the need for plastic-free packaging – just like us – so we wanted to do our part to help raise awareness, and money, for such a fantastic charity. 

Sea Life Trust UK are a registered charity who provide rescue, rehabilitation and expert care to sick, injured or distressed seals, and other marine life, whilst also focusing on educating and inspiring generations to work towards protecting our seas now, and for the future. With both practical local projects alongside larger-scale conservation campaigns, they have a huge focus on reducing plastic litter with initiatives such as the yearly Global Beach Clean.

The charity has also opened two specialist marine wildlife sanctuaries. Their Cornish Seal Sanctuary has been rescuing and rehabilitating sick and injured seal pups for over 60 years – fully recovered pups are released back into the sea, while pups unable to survive on their own in the wild are cared for in the safety of their permanent home at the sanctuary. They also opened the first Beluga Whale Sanctuary of its kind, off the south coast of Iceland – it’s the first open water whale sanctuary in the world, which provides a more natural home for Little White and Little Grey, two previously captive beluga whales who were in Shanghai, China. 

We know that our customers care about creating a happier and healthier world just as much as we do, which is why we wanted you all to be involved too. We gave you, our customers, the option to add a small donation at checkout to support Sea Life Trust and we’re so grateful for each and every one of your contributions. 

We calculated the total raised on 16th November, after just 4 months, and your donations amounted to an amazing £2165.95. Each and every penny helps to support the rescue and rehabilitation of marine wildlife, as well as their daily care and essentials. Here are some ways in which your donations will be helping animals through Sea Life Trust UK:

  • £10 provides toys to enrich resident animals and keep them entertained
  • £14 provides animal care for one hour
  • £20 buys a bottle of essential vitamins
  • £20 feeds a puffin for one whole month
  • £50 pays for a full vet visit for rescued seal pups
  • £50 feeds a beluga whale for one day
  • £100 feeds a pup in the hospital for 5 days
  • £500 covers a lifesaving surgery for one seal pup

We are so grateful to all of our Sealions customers for their donations and hope to continue providing support to charities and the important causes they work so hard towards. 

Sealions always share, which is why we like to spread our support across various charities each year - this allows us to shine the spotlight on one charity at a time, helping each one with their goals of working towards creating a happier and healthier world. The next charity we have chosen to partner with is MOm, a non-profit organisation working to protect and improve the conservation status of the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal, aiming to preserve their last remaining habitat in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Greece. You can read more about MOm and the work they do here