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Promote Healthy Skin from Within

Promote Healthy Skin from Within

Promote Healthy Skin from Within

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, acting as a barrier to protect our insides, so it’s important that we take care of it. There are several nutrients which can help – here we break down 4 of our go-to supplements for supporting your skin health. 


Zinc is an essential mineral with a wide range of health benefits, including supporting cognitive function and normal vision, as well as the maintenance of normal hair and nails. It also helps protect cells against oxidative stress, which can in turn help your skin in its defences against early signs of ageing.

Foods rich in zinc include oysters, beef and chicken, with other sources such as seeds, lentils and fortified cereals also providing smaller amounts. If you are unable to get enough from your diet, a daily zinc supplement can help support your wellness needs.

Vitamin C

We all know that Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, and you may even already be taking this vitamin to support your immune system, or help your body to fight feelings of tiredness and fatigue. But did you know that it’s also great for your skin?

Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen production and formation, which is vital for your skin health. You can even take a combined Vitamin C + Zinc supplement to help you hit your daily intake goals with just one tablet.

Bovine Collagen Complex

Collagen production can begin to decline in your body as early as your late teens, and decreases at approximately 1% per year. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to stop this natural decline, but a daily supplement can help to replenish your body’s collagen levels.

Our Bovine Collagen Complex combines collagen with essential nutrients to help you maintain normal skin health. Each capsule contains vitamin C and zinc, which we know are important for our skin, alongside biotin, iron, grape seed extract and hyaluronic acid.

Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies

Getting the right vitamins and minerals is essential, but it doesn’t need to feel like a chore. Our gummies are full of fruity flavour, giving you a tasty way to support your diet and top up your intake of essential nutrients.

Our Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies are designed to support your beauty needs from within. Containing a blend of 12 nutrients including vitamin C and zinc, each gummy is also packed with vital B vitamins (including biotin) and vitamin E, which you may recognise from your skincare regime.

When taking care of your skin, it’s important to focus on goodness on the inside too.