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New Year's Resolutions: What British Mums Want Most in 2024

New Year's Resolutions: What British Mums Want Most in 2024

New Year's Resolutions: What British Mums Want Most in 2024

As we bid farewell to another year and usher in the promise of new beginnings, the age-old tradition of setting New Year's resolutions gain momentum. It's seen as a time to reflect on the past and aspire to a better future, setting out plans and goals for the year ahead.

We recently conducted research into the health habits of British mums and the role they play in keeping their families healthy and well. But when it comes to their own wellbeing - both physical and mental - what resolutions are mums setting for 2024?

1. Saving for a Brighter Future (49%)

Topping the list of resolutions, almost half of British mums expressed their desire to enhance their fiscal health and save money in the coming year. With an increase in the cost of living, and often increasing financial pressures during the festive season, it's not surprising that so many mums are looking to be more savvy with their spending!

2. Shaping Up and Slimming Down (43%)

Following closely behind is the timeless commitment to achieving and maintaining a healthier weight. Although weight loss is often the goal when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle, there are an extensive range of benefits for your health - consuming a varied and balanced diet helps to ensure you're getting all of the nutrients you need, keeping your body functioning as it should.

3. Improve Health & Wellbeing (42%)

A wide-ranging resolution, mums' goal of improving their overall health and wellbeing indicates a holistic approach to wellness throughout 2024, focusing equally on mental, emotional, and physical aspects of their lives. There's a significant link between our physical and mental health (1), so it's important to take care of both your body and mind.

4. Making Moves with More Exercise (41%)

The importance of regular exercise isn't lost on British mums, as 41% have resolved to incorporate more physical activity into their daily routines. The NHS recommend that all adults do some kind of physical activity every day (2) - but this doesn't mean you have to take up an intense workout regime! Spread exercise throughout the week and choose activities you enjoy, whether that's regular walks with your family or pet, heading to the nearest leisure centre for a swim, or joining a local dance class.

5. Healthy Hydration Habits (40%)

Staying hydrated is a simple yet powerful resolution that can have a positive impact on overall wellbeing. Water is essential within the body to enable various important processes to take place, such as carrying oxygen and other vital nutrients to cells, and helping the kidneys excrete waste products (3). Dehydration can result in unpleasant symptoms which may include headaches, tiredness, a dry mouth, and feeling dizzy or lightheaded, so staying on top of your water intake is key to your wellbeing - it's recommended that adults consume 6-8 glasses of water, or other water-based drinks, per day (4).

6. Self-Care and Mum's 'Me' Time (37%)

British mums are acknowledging the importance of self-care, and the need to carve out time for themselves in the new year, with 37% wanting to start looking after themselves more, and 31% resolving to allow themselves more 'me' time. When taking care of the family, it can be easy to let yourself fall to the bottom of your own priority list, but making time to do things that bring joy and relaxation can help you find healthy balance in your life and avoid burnout.

7. Family Focus (32% and 31%)

Family wellness is a priority for many mums, with 32% aiming to improve the health and wellbeing of their loved ones. Additionally, 31% said their goal for 2024 is to enjoy more quality time with their family. Strong family bonds play a significant role in our overall wellbeing, and spending time with family - particularly being physically present - can have a positive impact on mental health, helping to reduce stress and boost self-esteem (5).

8. Quality Sleep (31%)

Prioritising the importance of rest and rejuvenation is on the cards for 31% of British mums in the new year, recognising the profound impact adequate sleep can have on physical and mental wellbeing. And it's not only the total hours of sleep that matters - it's the quality too. Getting adequate quality sleep and maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern helps your body to recover from the stresses of the day on your mind and body, can improve your focus and concentration, support a normal metabolism, and keep your immune system strong (6).

As we embark on a new year, British mums are embracing a diverse range of resolutions, demonstrating a commitment to holistic health and wellbeing. From financial prudence to physical fitness, and from family focus to personal self-care, these goals reflect a thoughtful and balanced approach to wellness throughout 2024. Here's to a happy and healthy New Year!



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