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Egg-citing Easter Treat: Nest Egg Recipe with a Whey Surprise!

Egg-citing Easter Treat: Nest Egg Recipe with a Whey Surprise!

Egg-citing Easter Treat: Nest Egg Recipe with a Whey Surprise!

Easter is finally here, and we're all full of egg-citement at Sealions HQ, as we can't wait to dig into some chocolate treats! To share the joy, we're going to give you one of our go-to recipes that's not only a breeze to make but also super tasty. So, get set to bake up a yummy Easter nest egg with a surprise twist of whey topping. No oven required!

What you’ll need:

1x Small Easter Egg (90g-100g)

2x Baking Milk Chocolate (300g Total)

4x Regular Shredded Wheat (90g Total)

3Tbsp Buttercream (We used pre-made)

¼ Scoop Sealions Whey Protein (11g)

1x Battle Bites Bar

Step 1:

Break up your shredded wheat in a bowl so that it’s all separated. Once this is done, break up your baking chocolate as per the packet instructions and place the chunks in a separate bowl to your shredded wheat.

Step 2:

Melt your baking chocolate in the microwave while checking every 10-20 seconds to ensure it is not burnt.

Step 3:

Pour the melted baking chocolate into your shredded wheat bowl and mix until all of the shredded wheat is coated.

Step 4:

This part can be a bit tricky – but we found a good tip! You need to separate your easter egg in two equal halves. This can be difficult as the egg can crack, so we recommend getting a sharp knife in the half point (please, be careful during this) any prying them apart very slowly and gently. Alternatively, you can use a heated knife to slice the halves apart.

Step 5:

Scoop the mixed shredded wheat and chocolate mixture equally between the easter egg halves. You can add as little or as much as you like. We’re chocoholics at Sealions – so we used the lot 😉 Set the nested eggs on to a plate or base and place in the fridge until set. This should not take long.

Step 6:

Once the nest has set, you need to make your buttercream topping. Scoop 2tbsp of buttercream into a separate bowl and add ¼ scoop of your favourite flavour whey protein – ours is Strawberry! Mix those two together; you may notice this has dried out the buttercream but do not worry, add a tiny drop of water into the mixture until it’s in a consistency that suits you.

Step 7:

Add the buttercream mixture on the top of the nests and add your favourite toppings – we chose Battle Bites.

Step 8:


We hope you enjoyed joining us in the kitchen for this egg-cellent treat! Now that you've whipped up your own batch of delightful nest eggs with a whey surprise, it's time to indulge and share the joy. Don't forget to snap some photos of your creations and share them with us—we'd love to see how your Easter treats turned out! Wishing you all a wonderful Easter🐣🍫