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Can Gummies Really Give Me More Energy?

Can Gummies Really Give Me More Energy?

Can Gummies Really Give Me More Energy?

Gummies. They’re 2023’s big supplement trend. Tasty, chewable supplements that claim to do everything and anything from promote more restful sleep, to support our immune systems, to balance our hormones and fight stress.

But one claim we’re seeing more and more of is that gummies can give us all more energy. More energy to work, to socialise, to enjoy ourselves. Who wouldn’t want more of that?

But can gummies really give you more energy? We think they can. As long as they’re filled with the right vitamins.

Which vitamins give us an energy boost?

Before we look at vitamins, it’s important to understand where your body gets its energy. It gets it from calories. The food and drink you put into your body. Sure, there are compounds like caffeine that trick our bodies into feeling more awake, but our bodies get energy from calories.

The problem is, sometimes our bodies aren’t great at turning those calories into energy. Sometimes that’s because of the food we choose - think of Christmas Day evenings spent lazing on the couch because you’re stuffed with potatoes, mince pies or mulled wine.

But sometimes it’s because our bodies aren’t efficiently turning food into fuel. If you want an energy boost, you need to improve that efficiency. And the right vitamins will do just that.

B vitamins: Every single cell in your body uses B vitamins. It’s used to create red blood cells that carry oxygen and energy to your muscles. It’s used by your stomach and digestive system to break fats and proteins into energy. And it helps you turn the food you eat into glucose which your body uses as fuel.

Get enough B vitamins, and you’ll feel more energetic. Don’t get enough, and your body won’t be able to process food, create energy, or transport it to where it’s needed. It’s that simple.

Zinc: You might think of zinc as a mineral that promotes better healing, but it’s also a good energy booster. Zinc powers many of the chemical processes that your body uses to break down food, and it’s a key ingredient in stomach acid. Without it, you’ll struggle to extract the full amount of energy from your diet.

Iodine: Here’s another surprise. Iodine. This compound regulates your metabolism, and a deficiency in iodine is one of the most common causes of feeling tired and sluggish. Add a little iodine to your supplement regime, and your metabolism will run smoothly, regularly turning food into energy, and energy into the cell functions you need to live a healthy life.

So can gummies give us an energy boost?

Of course they can! As long as they’re packed full of B vitamins, Zinc and Iodine, all of which help your body use the energy you put into it more efficiently. You’ll find all three vitamins in tropical gummy form in your next pack of Sealions Charge Up Gummies. 30 days supply of vegan gummies formulated to help boost your body’s energy production.